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Things have come a very long way from the last time I bought myself a pair of keeper gloves! What was once a glorified gardening glove with a rubberized palm has now become a menagerie of differing materials wrapped up in a pre-curved package! Gone are the days of the ‘Mickey Mouse Hands’ for todays gloves are more anatomically correct, more comfortable, and more safe.

I never used finger save gloves before so this experience was a little new to me. I like the idea/concept especially given how much computer time I put in during my daily routine! Originally I was concerned with comfort but that was quickly resolved once I put on a pair.

Generally speaking, keeper gloves should be snug and your fingers should go to the end of the glove; they should not be oversized or left with ‘plenty of growing room’. Dexterity and touch are paramount as a keeper and having gloves 2 sizes too big is a disaster waiting to happen. That, coupled with the fact that they will most likely wear our before being grown into…Elite Coraza

I went to my local soccer shop and tried on several brands of gloves including adidas, Reusch, Brine, and Elite. I try and not let price be a determining factor and go for fit and comfort first, then evaluate with price as a consideration. Happily, when I tried on the Elite Coraza I was impressed with the… well, glove like fit and how well they fit my hand; articulation was good and flexibility was excellent. The price? Happily under $70.00US whereas others I liked were in the $90+ range.

At first I was a little concerned with these being a little too thick and not so ventilated knowing that I would be playing football… in Texas… in August… OUTSIDE. I’ll let that sink in for a minute.  I was put to ease after doing some further research and a little quick math. Research showed that there is a bit of ventilation along the backhand of the glove. Mathematically speaking I would be wearing these for less than 2 hours at a stint.

Before wearing I read up on pre-wear rituals which includes washing the palms to get any residual oils or chemicals off of the palms plus activating the material to enhance the stickiness of the material.  First wear and impressions were great! The gloves felt wonderful, excellent feel and touch on the ball and the finger save system was pleasantly unobtrusive. The gloves are very stable and do not tend to twist or turn while on the hands. Not on purpose but during game play I did manage to scuff up the palms from ground saves, dives, etc. and the palms are holding up superbly! As soft as the materials are they do wear very well!

I will get some photos of my gloves in the next day or so.

My recommendation is a BUY for these gloves based on performance and price.


PALM: 4 mm of Elite Contact MB latex, 4 mm of backing foam.
Palm Cut: Roll cut with double wrapped thumb for grip
Removable, flexible finger protection.
Backhand: 4 mm PS latex, 5 mm backing foam, Hi Tech fabric for Air Ventilation Management
CLOSURE: 10 cm wide elastic wristband, 9 cm wide latex wrist strap for Perfect fit.


Backhand Material: Latex foam
Closure: elastic latex
Finger Protection: Flexible Finger Spines
Palm Material: latex
Thumb Wrap: yes
Customizable: yes

Details and Specs courtesy of ELITE CORAZA and soccer.com

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